Good Lord!  Look what my lovely partner Glennda just found, whilst she was poking around on iTunes…
My album “Mad Rush” is right there, rubbing shoulders with Martha Argerich! Talk about in-the-company-of-greatness.  I feel unworthy :s

Sally Whitwell - Dead Things

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Gratuitous audio repost.  Need I say more?

A review of my album “Mad Rush”

This review by Julian Day appears in August’s edition of Limelight magazine.  Four stars? Wow.  Thank you Julian :D



Mad Rush

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First of all I need to put my cards on the table - I am a Philip Glass fan.  I’m not sure why that feels like such a confession but it probably needs stating, like declaring hidden goods at customs.  This is a collection of piano pieces by the “mature” Glass, not the early radical who alternately awed and angered the music community with his heavily amplified and surreal take on Western music’s basics but the genteel classicist who has embraced symphonies and concertos with increasing ardour.

For many years Glass retained strict control over his catalogue, ensuring a steady stream of performance engagements, however since his extraordinary commercial breakthrough the gates have slowly opened to others revealing a more nuanced character than one might assume.  This is a beautiful and sensitive reading of the repertoire by Sally Whitwell, one of Sydney’s busiest and most broadminded pianists.  Whitwell’s take on works like Mad Rush and Wichita Vortex Sutra (originally a duet with Allen Ginsberg) reveals a passion often absent in Glass’s own interpretations; likewise she brings refreshing chiaroscuro to the famous Opening from Glassworks.  In her hands the latent echoes of earlier composers become clear: Glass, schooled by Nadia Boulanger, clearly absorbed much Mozart, Chopin and even Satie.

The challenge of tackling Glass is confronting his tight musical parameters and, sure enough, a feeling of déjà vu creeps in here and there; however, through subtle artistry Whitwell sculpts a set of acoustic objects that are both refined and warmly human.


I’ve received so many beautifully poetic responses to my Philip Glass album.  I really must collate them all one day soon and share them with the Tumblrverse.  

More than several of them make my eyes tear up.  Just a little.

*****drumroll***** Mad Rush at #3 on the ARIA Classical charts this week!!!

Oh Em Gee.

(This, dear reader, is also a milestone in another way… my 800th post! Spooky.  Is the universe trying to send me some kind of message? Or am I just a little paranoid? Meh.)

Sally Whitwell - Wichita Vortex Sutra

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Gratuitous reposting of my performance of Wichita Vortex Sutra (special request from simonsaystheword).

Here ‘tis! *grin*

Also, if you’re interested in the Allen Ginsberg poem which is sometimes narrated over the top of this piece, you can find it here.  Make like karaoke in lyrical Ginsberg-style tones, yeah!

Sally Whitwell - Metamorphosis No. 2

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Metamorphosis No. 2 by Philip Glass, performed by Sally Whitwell on her excellent album Mad Rush: Solo Piano Music of Philip Glass.

Look!  slightlyundead described my album as “excellent”. Gosh and golly gee *blush/fumble*


My album “Mad Rush - Solo piano music of Philip Glass” is at #4 on the Australian ARIA Classical charts.

Just sayin’


Sally Whitwell - Metamorphosis No. 4

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Another track from my album.  This is Metamorphosis No. 4 (my favourite from the set!)

Enjoy :D

My album “Mad Rush” now at #9 on the ARIA Classical Charts!!!

Just sayin’….


For my lovely new followers… a short behind the scenes video on my album!

Sally Whitwell - Dead Things

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"Dead Things" by Philip Glass, from the soundtrack to "The Hours".  Performed by Sally Whitwell on the album "Mad Rush: solo piano music of Philip Glass”.

I hope you enjoy listening to this, dear followers, and thus feel compelled to purchase it ;p

Trying not to be obsessive about things… but I have noticed that the best-selling/most-popular track on my Philip Glass album is “Dead Things” from the film The Hours. It’s so different to all the other pieces on the album too.  Hm.
[note to self: record more music from movie soundtracks!]