This makes me wanna be a melodica rock star too.
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I’m definitely taking my melodica with me when I fly to Melbourne in two days time to play in this festival.  
But I still feel a little unsure about the whole thing.  Do I really think they’ll like me playing Yann Tiersen on it?? And Nino Rota??? Lordy, I hope so!

Yann Tiersen

I’ve decided to take my melodica with me to play in my recital at the Peninsula Summer Music Festival.  I hope I can look as cool as Yann Tiersen when I play it *laughs nervously*
I hope I can look even half this cool when I play the melodica.  Better practise in front of the mirror, methinks!

The Smule Ocarina.

I’ve been thinking about which instruments to play when I record the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for my album.  Had already settled on Toy Piano and Melodica, but I needed a flute-like instrument for the whistling bit…. and then I remembered my favourite iPHone toy.  This will be perfect!

Thank goodness for ‘flight mode’ on the ol’ iPhone.  It would be terrible to have to stop in the middle of a recording session to take a call from your instrument!