Sally Whitwell - Falling (Twin Peaks)

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Falling by Angelo Badalamenti.  Performed by me (Sally Whitwell) as my own personal tribute to David Lynch’s genius on my album The Good, the Bad and the Awkward.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lynch!

"There’s a safety in thinking in a diner.  You can have your coffee or your milkshake, and you can go off into the strange dark areas, and always come back to the safety of the diner." David Lynch.
Yep. Sounds like Twin Peaks to me too.  Find more words of wisdom from this weirdo here
Anyhoo, Happy Birthday Mr. Lynch (I’m a day late in Australia, but it’s still on time in the USA so, um, yeah. Justified.)

Sally Whitwell - Falling, from Twin Peaks

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Falling by Angelo Badalamenti arranged for and performed on solo piano by Sally Whitwell (me!). Featured on the album The Good, the Bad and the Awkward. 

Following my “least popular track" post, I thought I’d do a "most popular track" post! Compare and contrast, if you will ;)

Originally, this piece was the theme from the television series Twin Peaks, directed by David Lynch.  A sung version was also recorded by Julee Cruise.

Here’s some words on it, an excerpt from the album’s digital booklet;

Disturbing neighbours is something from which director David Lynch has formed an entire career.  There is very little that is as disturbing as pleasant looking people in average suburban neighbourhoods being subjected to incredibly disturbing things behind closed doors.  One of these pleasant neighbourhoods would be the small fictional Washington State town of Twin Peaks where young, beautiful, popular Laura Palmer was slain by her own father Leland Palmer possessed by the evil killer BOB. Lynch’s typical juxtaposition of horrific occurrences in pleasant surrounds is for me the key to its success.  Add onto this Angelo Badalamenti’s misty floating score, including a version of the originally instrumental theme Falling sung by the cute-as-pie Julee Cruise and you’ve got yourself a beautiful sugary pink bubble just waiting to be burst by terrifying demonic tragedy.

Dear Mr. Lynch,
Thank you for discovering Angelo Badalamenti. Thank you for incorporating his other-worldly music into your fine television series Twin Peaks.  Thank you for asking Julee Cruise to sing it and make it into the hit song that it is.  I think it’s just such a rare gem, it really speaks to the people somehow.  You inspired me to arrange it for solo piano and record it, and for that opportunity/inspiration I am very grateful.
Thank you also for having magnificent hair.