Salvator Mundi - Susanni

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Susanni from Salvator Mundi by William Matthias.  Performed by Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children’s Choir, conducted by Lyn Williams. 

Excited today, because I get to play in the first rehearsal for 2013 of the SuperChoir that is Sydney Children’s Choir plus all our Gondwana National Choirs friends from around the country.  It’s truly a mighty noise they make. Can’t wait for our Voices of Angels concerts next week. Woo!

Salvator Mundi - Welcome, Yule!

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Welcome Yule! - by William Matthias.  Performed by Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children’s Choir, conducted by Lyn Williams.

Yesterday, I was up on stage receiving an important award at a press conference with lots of famous people ‘n’ shit. Today I’m rehearsing this Christmas piece (among many others) with 10 year olds.

You might think this is something to complain about… but you couldn’t be more wrong! Love my eclectic life <3

Salvator Mundi - Be we merry in this feast

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Be we merry in this feast by William Matthias. Performed by Sydney Children’s Choir and Gondwana Voices conducted by Lyn Williams with orchestra including Sally Whitwell (me!!) and Ben van Tienen, piano duet! (Not often one gets to play piano duets in public. Woo!)

Christmas already!?? When you work with children’s choirs, Christmas begins in October.  We started rehearsing this yesterday and it’s been my earworm for the last 20 hours or so… I guess there could be much worse earworms to have ;) Haha.

The Lily and the Rose

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The Lily and the Rose by Bob Chilcott.  Performed by Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children’s Choir conducted by Lyn Williams with Sally Whitwell (me!) at the piano.

This comes from a Christmas recording upon which I played.  Christmas.  Yes, already.  This would have to be the earliest in the year that I’ve ever started rehearsing Christmas music, ever in my life.  Usually it’s October, but for various reasons the kids have no other performances to prepare for between now and then… so Christmas it is. Eek!

Luckily we always do lovely Christmas music at Gondwana Choirs, so it’s all good *grin*

Five years hard slog in music school plus about 17 years in the profession and what am I doing? Playing with toys under cardboard Christmas trees with children.
Seriously though, they&#8217;ll be great concerts tonight and tomorrow.  &#8217;Twill include two world premieres by yours truly, one a Christmas song called Ring Out Wild Bells and also a mini concerto for toy instruments called Downsized (geddit? ha!).  If you can&#8217;t get here in person, you can listen on the interwebs. Ain&#8217;t technology grand? Woo!
Who knew my city could look this lovely? Not I&#8230;
Get your Yule on Sydney folks.  I&#8217;m playing amongst this prettiness tonight

Frosty the Snowman - an inconvenient truth

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I thought I’d post a little seasonal jollity, with added bonus irony at no extra charge!!

Frosty the Snowman: An Inconvenient Truth by Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson, arrangement and revised text by Paul Stanhope.  Performed by Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children’s Choir dir. Lyn Williams, with pianist Sally Whitwell

minimalist xmas wishes to all


I just played “Opening” from “Glassworks” by Philip Glass at a very eclectic Christmas charity concert.  Yes, a Christmas concert.  I was pleasantly surprised by the audience reaction… people loved it!  And they weren’t an ordinary classical music crowd.

Perhaps it’s really got legs after all, this slightly crazy project. Hm.

Starting from scratch

I had a few minutes to myself before the Voices of Angels Christmas concert last night.  So I thought I would take the opportunity to have a little practise of Philip Glass’s “Opening”.  I’ll be performing it in another Christmas concert on Monday evening and (admission time) I’ve not played it at all since I recorded it in late November!

Anyway, I was practising away in the orchestra pit in the City Recital Hall at Angel Place, on what most piano players would call a *very* nice instrument, a Steinway concert grand.  But here’s the thing… it felt all wrong.  I had the sudden realisation that I have *learnt* to play this music on a Stuart and Sons piano which, as I’ve mentioned before, has very specific idiosyncracies.  And now that I need to perform it on another instrument, it’s like I have to learn to play the piece all over again from scratch, as it were.


I’m wondering how people are going to cope when I play Philip Glass at Monday’s Christmas charity concert “The Blue Gem Shining Amongst the Stars”? With the kind of crowd we’re expecting, it really could go either way…. eep.


I&#8217;ll be playing some Philip Glass at this Christmas concert &#8220;The Blue Gem Shining Amongst the Stars&#8221;.  (Yes, Philip gets festive).  It&#8217;s a charity concert raising money for a great cause, the Shelter for Trafficked Women run by the Salvation Army here in Sydney.
Entry by donation.
And if you&#8217;re into minimalist composer Terry Riley, we&#8217;ll also be playing &#8220;In C&#8221;!!